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Wide-Mouth Food Processor-500

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  • Quantity: 99
  • Weight: 7.90 Lbs
  • UPC: 050875535664
  • Vendor Part #: FP2500FP2500

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Black and Decker PowerPro Wide-Mouth 10-Cup Food Processor, Model: FP2500
Life made simple - this food processor gives you the flexibility to slice, chop, shred, grate or puree as much or as little as you like and it does it in no time. With a fierce, 500-watt motor working under its sleek and sturdy exterior, it performs as great as it looks.

  • Exceptional Performance:
    - Stainless Steel Slice and Shredder Disk
    - Powerful 500-Watt Motor
    - Stainless Steel Chopping Blade
    - Dough Blade
  • Ultimate Convenience:
    - Wide-Mouth Feed Chute
    - Non-Skid Suction Feet
    - Safety Interlock System
    - Cord Wrap
  • Easy to Clean:
    - Dishwasher-Safe Parts
    - 10-Cup (2365 ml) Workbowl
    - Smooth Control Panel


Submited By: R. Powell on 06/01/2010
I bought the Black & Decker FP2500 food processor in Nov. 2009 specifically for grating cheese. Each time I use it for this purpose, a part breaks. I ve ordered 3 different replacement parts. I ve checked and rechecked the instructions to see if I m doing something wrong, but I don t think I am. Customer service and warranty are great - I haven t had to pay for the replacement parts.

It does a good job of slicing/chopping veggies and chopping nuts.

The little suction cups on the bottom are a pain - I guess they are intended to keep the machine from sliding off the counter, but instead, the thing sticks and I have to yank it off. Annoying...

3 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: J. S. Carr on 06/08/2010
First let me say this is not a $200 processors. When I say 4 stars, I don t mean compared to a $200 processor. I m comparing it to the handful of other food processors I ve worn through near this price point. This machine, in my mind, sets the gold standard for this let s say class of food processors.

That said, this thing is a real workhorse. We use it primarily for shredding cheese, usually full pounds of mozzarella at a time but sometimes harder cheeses, and it does so beautifully. We ve used it to shred some other things and it s done fine, but I think it s safe to say that the real test of any processor is cheese and I can tell you unequivocally this processor shreds cheese with no problem. If anybody has an issue with parts breaking I can only guess maybe they re forcing it? Any time you re using a power tool, whether it s a food processor, table saw, or weed whacker, you have to let it do the work. If you force it, it will break. If you want to shred a pound of cheese in 10 seconds go look at $200 processors. If you just don t want to have to do it all by hand, this thing is great.

This processor s lid, chute, etc all fit together much more easily than similar processors by other brands I ve used. I don t have to slam anything into place to disarm the safety shut-offs. It just works as it ought to.

I also like the extra large chute, and ability to safely/easily add things to the chute and (gently) tamp them down without creating a mess by opening the top.

The slicing disks are extremely effective too. My wife dumped a bunch of strawberries in the other day and reported that "this thing practically liquefied them in less time than the old one could mostly chop them"

My only complaint is there s a crevice that s difficult to clean right between the rim of the lid and the rim where the chute meets the main section of lid. I have to grab a bristle brush to get a few shred of cheese out of there. Not a big deal, I mainly mention it for the benefit of anybody else who runs into this and hasn t tried a bristle brush to get in there yet. The important stuff all works like a charm.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: M. R. Wallace on 07/04/2010
I have had the previous edition of this model for over three years and it has performed well. I have had a few concerns though.

1. The bowl s plastic cracks and breaks VERY easily if you drop it. this happens quite often in my house because, as other reviewers have noted, you can t store all the pieces inside, so things rattle in the cabinet.

2. Normally little chips from the bowl wouldn t be a big problem but because of the safety features other reviewers have mentioned, if you break any of the little tiny pieces of plastic that slip into the safety switches it will no longer function. Luckily in all the times we ve dropped it and broken pieces we ve only now broken a safety piece.

3. Speaking of the piece... I now have a non-functioning food processor because I have been unable to find replacement parts.

4. It doesn t handle substantial amounts of liquid because of the short center peg in the bowl. You have to do soups or sauces in batches if you are serving more than a very small family.

Other than these issues, a very great and reliably performing food processor!

4 of 5 Stars!
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