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Rainbow In My Room

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Now you can project a beautiful rainbow across your walls and ceiling in your room! It s a sure way to make any room a happier place. Window box packaging


Submited By: Susan Plant on 02/17/2010
My daughter absolutely loves this light. It makes a brilliant rainbow on the wall and she falls asleep with sweet dreams.
The only draw back, is that the ac plug for the wall doean t come with it and I m still looking for one to purchase. The light turns off after 10 mins. without a plug.
But I definitely recommend this to everyone and the small size fits perfect on any size nightstand.

4 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: J.E.F on 03/01/2010
I read through all the reviews currently for this product and it s easy to see that some people expected way too much from this toy.

It takes a bit of common sense to know that this thing s not going to light up a room with rainbows bright and sharp (even real rainbows are not super sharp and bright, depends on the water vapor and where you and the sun are), nor can it make rainbows that dance, move, etc- it just makes a pretty light that looks like a rainbow- that s it, nothing more.

Though in some people s cases, it may be less since some units don t work as well as the one I got as a gift. I have no complaints so far.

Mine works great and still does after my nearer-towards-rough handling (on purpose for durability reasons). It will break if you really try to, but it does hold up better than one might think flimsy plastic might.

It has two modes- instant on rainbow and one color at a time on rainbow (both modes turn off in the same manner as they turn on). It can take an AC adapter (search the net to find one, I didn t have much trouble) which will keep it on all the time. With batteries only, it turns off after ten minutes as the instructions say.

It s not a projector of any sorts (read the box, don t assume by looking at the box s art!). It s just a fancy nightlight with pretty colored LED bulbs that form a rainbow which are bright close up, but not far away.

It s good for what it is and only does so much. The art on the packaging is only there to grab your attention, not imply it can do all that projector-type stuff when common sense tells you otherwise.

No where on the box does it say it s a projector. It does have somewhat deceptive packaging via the art, but we have to be smarter than that. Don t ever get tricked by assumptions of this or ANY product by what you simply see on the box. Always read first, then make your decision to buy or not.

So if you want a pretty nightlight to dazzle children (especially ones who love rainbows), you ll most likely make their day (or night as this light only works in dark rooms with lighter colored walls & ceilings, which my home is full of).

If you have a well-lit house with dark walls & ceilings- you probably won t get satisfactory results.

For me, I enjoyed my gift for what it is and have a pretty display of a rainbow arc on my wall near my computer desk at night whenever I want. :)

5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: K. Richardson on 03/17/2010
I purchased this for my daughters 3rd Birthday and she loves it! I purchased it back in Jan. and it still has vibrant colors. I hope we avoid the problem of it not lasting like other reviewers. I will be buying another for my 5 year old for his birthday, or I may try to talk him into the star projector and hopefully it will be as awesome as this. My daughter has a shelf that is about a foot from her ceiling that I placed it on and she gets a great projection all the way across her room. I really like that it shuts itself off after 10 minutes, that way I don t have to go in and turn it off every night to save battery life. We love this light and I would totally recommend this product based on our experience!

5 of 5 Stars!
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