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Pinpointer Metal Detector

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The Bounty Hunter Pinpointer pinpoints exact location of buried metal objects. The Pinpointer was designed to be used with any of our metal detectors to help find treasures. The Bounty Hunter Pinpointer pinpoints exact location of buried metal objects. The Pinpointer was designed to be used with any of our metal detectors to help find treasures. It is also a handy tool for homeowners, hobbyists, and mechanics; anyone needing to find a lost metal object. Easy to use with single knob control to adjust sensitivity and features audio signal indicator and vibrator. The unit is small and light for easy handling and carrying. No assembly required, runs on 1 9-volt battery.


Submited By: T. Burdick on 04/08/2010
I bought this unit in the hopes of finding gold. It picks up all kinds of other things, poptop tabs, bottle caps, rusty nails, rusty bolts and nuts, rusty tin cans. But the one thing I want it to detect is GOLD. I have been searching for months using this detector, thinking it just wasn t finding anything. Then, recently, I got some gold, in sizes that I would expect to find in the ground. The detector would not sound off on anything I ran across. I have gold in very small sizes that you normally find in real life. I have some "pickers" that are not quite big enough to be called a nugget, but big enough to pick up with your fingers. The bounty hunter just would not sound off, even right up against the gold. I am disappointed to say the least.

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Submited By: Samantha Saint Valentine on 04/26/2010
Basically what I don t like about this instrument is that it doesn t beep until the tip of the wand actually touches metal. I was hoping this device could help me narrow my search after digging a hole, or to pinpoint me in the right direction. But it does nothing of the sort. I held mine less than half an inch over an old iron nail I found, and it didn t beep until I actually touched the nail with the wand. Useless! I was thinking that this was a device to help you find something when you know there is metal in a certain area or hole you ve dug, but just aren t sure exactly where to dig. For example, I used the metal detector the other day and it went off over an area of about a foot in circumference or so. I start digging and digging, and find nothing, and yet it still beeps over this hole. Eventually I dug several inches to the right of the hole and found an old tool of some kind. I bought the pinpointer thinking i could wave it over the hold and it would direct me to where the metal is more precisely. Again, this only beeps if the wand touches the metal. I don t see the value in that, personally, and I think I wasted my money. I would return it if I hadn t thrown away the packaging.

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Submited By: Timothy Thomas on 05/29/2010
This thing has saved me a lot of time by showing me where in the hole or plug the coin is. It is a good first pinpointer. If you can afford a better one then do it. If you can t then this one will work.

3 of 5 Stars!
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