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Mens Pivoting Shaver

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Panasonic Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver, w/ Nanotech Blades, Model: ES8109S
Our top-of-the-line shavers feature an adjustable pivoting head for a more comfortable shave. The pivoting head rocks up and down, and back and forth, to follow the contours of your face. You can even adjust the amount of pivot based on your preference with the Pivot Action Selector. Now you can get the maximum comfort and support that you need for a clean, close shave.

  • 3-Blade, Pivoting Head
  • Fast Linear Motor Drive
  • Arc Foil
  • 30 Nanotech Blades
  • Wet/Dry Cordless Operation
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning & Charging System
  • 10-Stage Illuminated Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Convenient Cleaning Solution Cartridge


Submited By: Rick V on 02/15/2009
Over the years I have tried many electric shavers from Braun, Philips/Norelco, Panasonic and others. It would always come down to the same thing:
- you have to go over the same spot multiple times to get it smooth and in the process of doing so the skin becomes red / inflamed. Wearing a shirt with a collar afterwards is torture let alone wearing a tie!!!!
- I then had to use all kinds of soothening lotions to get the skin to cool down and could not shave for several days
- hairs would become ingrown and infect under the skin after a while
- the electric shaved would never really get clean and clog up, more so the sink looked discussing after cleaning

Result: I d run back to the latest in manual wet shaving under the shower: Mach III or Fusion etc.

I purchased this because of the airline security rules re liquids etc on board. Every time I would have to hand over my foam and lotions and in some cases even my aftershave.

So I read up on what electric shavers would work to remedy all the above. The Braun and Panasonic come close and I decided on the Panasonic ES8228S (recolored version of the ES8109S, otherwise mechanically identical). The reason I did not take the Braun is that I like the shaving under the shower, in front of my fog free mirror.

My skin has fully adapted and I certainly do not have the inflamed skin -rash I had with other brands. With Lectric Shave it is actually similar in feeling to a wetshave and I really feel just as closely shaved. I have a heavy heavy beard growth and believed on hand wet shave could remedy but that is not true!

Secondly, it shaves close. People say as close as a wetshave and I tend to agree that it comes VERY close to that. I have shaved against the growth direction with wet shavers all my life (otherwise I can t get anything smooth) and this can NEVER be accomplished with an electric shaver, I think, however, this can shave you smooth but probably not as "deep" under the skin line as a wet shave would. Close enough NEVER to want to go back to a regular wet shave.
However, the shave is very close and close enough to look as smooth (but not feel) as a through close wet shave.

The shaver works under the shower and that is bliss. I can combine my shower routine with a shave, like I am used to! Love that. Also, when using cheap shaving foam it works great as well. Not that the shave is closer but it helps my skin and a smooth glide. Especially combined with a short Lectric Shave spray before hitting the showers I can get myself baby smooth.

Finally, the cleaning station is a very hygienic method of cleaning. No tiny hairs in the foils or sink, definitely a welcome addition. The cartridges are also VERY affordable and last about 3 months a piece. Worth it!

Also note that this shaver works in 110v to 220v outlets and you can simply plug the electric cord from the cleaning unit in the back of the shaver when travelling.

not as perfect as people state but certainly very close to a wet shave (but not fully there).
Final thought: this is indeed a pretty version of the ES8109S which you can get for around 100$. The 60$ extra I paid is for the wood and gold trim.

UPDATE: the hair trimmer / clippers on these tend to die over time. Mine did on the ES8228 and subsequently on a new ES8109. Even on my wifes 8077 (for her legs!) it happened. Bad clipper = minus 1 star.

4 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: R. Mcdonald on 03/20/2009
This is the best electric shaver i have owned..Have been using electric shavers for about 10 years and this one does not leave your face or anywhere irritated..others seem to do a good job but pull and leave skin with a burning feeling,not this one.For the money a very good buy so far if it last s..

5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: M. Brown on 06/14/2009
I have used them all . . . Panasonic, Norelco, Braun, Remington, and like the Panasonic best . . . I have owned three. My first Panasonic was their ES8152. After that, I purchased another ES8152. By the time I was ready for yet another replacement, Panasonic had introduced their Pro-Curve models and I purchased the ES8109 (from Amazon, almost 2 years ago). The ES8109 continues to be my favorite, BUT I do have one gripe. It appears that the new pro-curve technology has introduced a lot of noise. If you have never used their older models, this may not be a major factor for you but, by comparison, it is LOUD. I wish the ES8152 was still available. It was whisper quiet.

4 of 5 Stars!
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