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Imaging-Keyboard with ID Card

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  • Quantity: 99
  • Weight: 5.55 Lbs
  • UPC: 898510002009
  • Vendor Part #: KS810PKS810P

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Keyscan Keyboard Scanner with ID Card, Integrated USB2 HUB and Color Document Scanner, Model: KS810P
Keyboard Scanner with ID Card Feed...The KS810P is a color document scanner in a PC keyboard with enhanced functionality. In addition to all the great features of the KS810, the new KS810P can feed 2" x 3" smooth surface cards up to 1mm thickness. Now your customers can capture images of drivers licenses, health insurance cards and other ID cards and expand the productivity of the KS810P in many applications. Keyboard with built-in color scanner and 2 port USB2 hub. Fast 15 sec. color and 4 sec. black scan speeds. Comes with "NoTouch-AutoScan" imaging software, USB2 cable and power supply. Document release: Bi directional automatically triggered by document length True-Optical resolution: 600 dpi Optical technology: High quality, reliable color CIS Output resolution: From 50 dpi to 4800 dpi Scanning speed: High-speed USB2 scanner Fast functions: 4 dedicated scan buttons PC interface: High Speed USB2 Software interface: Twain interface and USB2 driver Power adapter: AC l00- 240V.

  • KS810-Plus, KS810-P, Imaging Keyboard, scans variety of paper documents and 2"x3" smooth surface plastic cards up to 1mm thickness such as driver licenses, health insurance and ID cards.
  • Integrated keyboard
  • Keyboard type: High quality Windows keyboard
  • Switch: 1,000,000 cycles life
  • Fast functions: 6 dedicated fast function keys
  • PC connection: Fast USB2
  • Integrated USB2 HUB
  • USB type: USB2 high-speed hub
  • USB compatibility: USB2
  • USB upstream: One USB2 upstream connect to PC
  • USB down stream: Two USB2 downstream ports, (compatible with USB1.1) can accept low-speed, full-speed and high-speed devices
  • Integrated scanner
  • Scanning type: Sheet-Feed scanner
  • Scanning mode:
    - Color: 24/48 bits high quality
    - Gray: 8/16 bits gray level
    - Black & white
  • Media:
  • Paper documents: 2"x3" to 8.5"x30"
  • Plastic cards: 3.5"x2.5" up to 1mm smooth plastic cards. Driver license & ID card (KS810-P only)
  • Output formats: pdf, doc, html, jpeg, bmp, tiff, etc. (Automatically protect scan to PDF with password)
  • Document release: Bi directional automatically triggered by document length
  • True-Optical resolution: 600 dpi
  • Optical technology: High quality and reliable color CIS technology
  • Output resolution: From 50 dpi to 4800 dpi
  • Scanning speed: High-speed USB2 scanner
  • Fast functions: 4 dedicated fast scan function keys
  • PC interface: High-speed USB2
  • Software interface: Twain interface and USB2 driver
  • Power adapter: AC 100~240V
  • Dimensions: L19.1"x7.7W"xH1.2"(max. H2.25")
  • Min. System requirements:
    - PC compatible with built-in USB2 port, (direct connection to the PC USB2 is essential), 3GB RAM, 1GB free Hard Disk, DVD/CD drive. Power outlet for power adapter AC 100-240V.
  • Software for KS810-P:
    - Windows, XP-SP2 or higher, Vista, Windows 7 - support both 32/64 bits versions of those operating systems. Requires preinstall of Microsoft .NET 2.0 SP1 or higher.


Submited By: K. SENG on 05/27/2010
I was quite excited about this product when I first saw it although I admit I thought the software included with it had a pretty cheesy interface. Tech support was fairly responsive until I got to a point where it appears the scanner had a dead pixel or two on it. At first I thought it was dirt on the scanner glass and given that the feed mechanism is removable to allow access to the scanner surface figured it would be easy to resolve. After carefully examining I could see nothing that appeared to be causing the streak in the image. Regardless I used a cleaner that I use for eye glasses and still no luck. I contacted the manufacturer and provided documentation of the problem and they insisted that it was still a dirty scan surface. One would hope that this was an isolated issue but since they made no effort swap the defective device or at the very least have me send it in for service, I must assume this manufacturer does not stand behind their product.

2 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: Donald Wittenberger on 05/31/2010
I use my scanner to store old documents in my computer so I can get rid of bulky paper files. I keep the paper copies until I probably won t need them again; for example, I keep tax returns for 6 years, then scan them and shred the paper copies. I protect my electronic files with multiple backups including an external hard drive and flash cards. A scanner keyboard fits in the same space a standard keyboard does, but to use it, the sheet feed slot at the top of the keyboard needs to be accessible.

My first scanner keyboard was a Windows 98-compatible Visioneer that came bundled with Paperport 4.0, which I ve upgraded to PaperPort 7.0. I like the PaperPort software because it allows you to do all sorts of nifty things, such as rotating and straightening the page, removing clutter, stacking pages, labeling pages and stacks, creating file folders, etc. Unfortunately, my old scanner keyboard doesn t work on my Windows XP system, so I bought this KeyScan product to use with my current computer. I can t comment on the software that comes bundled with it, because I haven t used it. For me, the best feature of the KeyScan scanner is that I can use it to scan documetns into my existing PaperPort files. You do this by opening the PaperPort program, then clicking on the "Twain" button in the PaperPort toolbar, which brings up the KeyScan dialog box. For typical document scanning work, I set the "Document Type" at "Text" and brightness at "Normal."

Any sheet feed scanner is slow, and the KeyScan product is no exception. It takes about 20 seconds to scan each page, which makes scanning a large number of pages a time-consuming project. It has two cords, a power cord, and a data cable that plugs into a USB port in the back of your computer. Its keyboard is the silent type and has all the standard keyboard features.

The KeyScan product is adequate for this work. It will accept standard-size typing paper (8.5 x 11) and has a setting to scan legal-size documents (8.5 x 14), but no wider than 8.5 inches. It will feed different paper weights, but the feed mechanism is poorly engineered, and regardless of what type of paper you re scanning, it all tends skew in the rollers unless you manually guide it. If you get a dark vertical line on your scan, this means there s dirt or foreign material on the glass surface. This is fairly easy to clean by snapping out the plastic feed tray with your fingers (just push on it). I shove a Q-tip under the roller to separate the roller from the glass, and use a Q-tip or piece of medical gauze (which is lint-free) to clean the glass surface.

The KeyScan product has a number of other features that I don t know how to use and therefore won t try to explain. The main thing I would say about it is that, despite the fact it suffers from the shortcomings of all sheet feed scanners, plus has a lousy feed mechanism, at a price of $100 it costs only two or three times as much as a standard PC keyboard, which is a reasonable price to pay for having the capability of storing paper documents in your computer so you can get rid of the paper files. And, as I said, I really like the fact it works with my existing PaperPort software. For these advantages, I ll put up with its shortcomings.

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