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A/V Cooler

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  • Quantity: 99
  • Weight: 5.40 Lbs
  • UPC: 761345750073
  • Vendor Part #: A/VCOOLERA/VCOOLER

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Antec VERIS A/V Equipment Media Components Cooler
Keep your A/V equipment VERIS cool! Antecs VERIS family of Media Components are designed to help you build the home theater youve been dreaming of. Your home stereo equipment generates a lot of heat, whether it be your tuner, your amp, your CD changer or your DVD player. Thats why Antec brings you the A/V cooler, the perfect device for cooling all your home audio/video equipment. Simply place it on top of your hottest stereo component and let the two speed blowers cool your component while preventing heat from rising to any components you choose to stack on top of the A/V cooler. The sturdy carbon-glass structure with aluminum top deck is the perfect platform for stacking other audio/video components on. Keep your equipment running cool, with the VERIS A/V cooler!

  • Air Flow:
    -5.5 CFM on Low.
    -8.0 CFM on High.
  • Speed:
    -1200 RPM on Low.
    -1600 RPM on High.
  • Noise Level:
    -22.5 dBA on Low.
    -28.7 dBA on High.
  • Input Power:
    -3.6W on Low.
    -5.04W on High.
  • Dimension: 14.2"w x 1.8"h x 16.9"d.


Submited By: M. J. Rivera on 05/03/2010
Well I ve had this product for a month and finally decided to give it my thumbs up. I was in a unique situation, and turns out this product met my needs perfectly. My entertainment center left the perfect amount of space for my receiver and I had no place to put my rather large center channel speaker. The best place was positioned right on top of the receiver. This wasn t possible because my Onkyo receiver simply runs just too hot to stack anything on top. Not only does this Antec cooler keep the top from getting too hot to the touch like it used to be, but it also acts as a shelf for my center channel speaker. All I had to do was cut out a larger hole in the entertainment center cardboard in the back for the heat to exhaust out of. People complaining about the looks shouldn t do so. It looks quite at home sandwiched in between all my cool gear, in my opinion. And as far as the fan noise is, I can barely hear the hum. My PC is louder than this device and don t really notice those fans.

With all my gaming and movie watching, this is an invaluable addition to my home theater. My only complaint is the price point at the time of my purchase. It should be a bit less for what it is, 2 fans with a rear exhaust, but I don t see anyone else offering this kind of product. In the end, though, it saved me from buying a speaker stand and it keeps my receiver and inner cabinet cool.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: M. Freese on 05/24/2010
I have a Comcast (Motorola) DVR that sits atop my Onkyo HT-R550 receiver in a wall-mounted open rack. Since I installed it the DVR had behaved erratically, locking up at random and also every time the receiver and HDTV were powered down. Looked in vain for root causes and finally determined it was most likely the heat thrown off by the receiver. Installed the Antec Low Profile AV Component Cooler between the receiver and the DVR, set the speed to low, and the erratic behavior was immediately cured. Have not experienced a single issue since. The device has the same width and depth as the receiver, so it looks good in the rack. Also very quiet. Highly recommended.

5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: J. POLITO on 06/07/2010
This product works as advertised. The only reason why I gave it only 4 stars is that it needs to have adjustable rear feet for fore and aft travel. This would help with items like newer DirecTV DVRs. They are not the size of standard A/V equipment. This feature would get the fifth out of me.

Either way I am buying a second one.

4 of 5 Stars!
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