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Bluetooth Mini KB w/ touch pad

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  • Quantity: 99
  • Weight: 2.30 Lbs
  • UPC: 892829002545
  • Vendor Part #: KB-3962B-BTKB-3962B-BT

    Bluetooth Mini KB w/ touch pad is brand newBluetooth Mini KB w/ touch pad is in stock
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ManufacturerSolidtek, Inc
Manufacturer Part NumberKB-3962B-BT
Manufacturer Website Addresshttp://www.solidtekusa.com
Brand NameSolidtek
Product ModelKB-3962B-BT
Product NameKB-3962B-BT Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
Product TypeKeyboard
Product UPC892829002545
Keyboard/Keypad Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Keyboard/Keypad Wireless TechnologyBluetooth
Pointing Device:
Pointing Device TypeTouchPad
Physical Characteristics:


Submited By: Mantis Guy on 09/22/2009
I bought this with some concern after reading a review that wasn t 100% positive, but I m so happy after buying it that I bought a 2nd one for my downstairs home media center as well. It works great for this purpose... and although the trackpad buttons are a little whacky (oddly positioned and sometimes hard to blind finger-fumble for) I can overlook that for the price and performance of the keyboard.

4 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: B. Buchanan on 10/05/2009
First, the setup with this thing is confusing. The instructions walk you through the program you use with XP but not with vista. In the program I ended up having to use the keyboard showed up but was titled something random like DST-3462, which is not a number or code I could find corresponding to this keyboard, anywhere. I thought it was just finding my neighbors keyboard since it was also showing their MacBook. After fidgeting around I managed to get it connected. Once connected this was not a very easy to use keyboard or mouse. Trying to navigate around web pages it would randomly click on links and activate things and multiple times it logged me out of whatever site I was logged into without ever hitting anything on the keyboard. The mouse is very spastic anyways, even within a foot of the computer, but add in random clicks and it makes navigation even more difficult.

The absolute worst thing about the keyboard though is the Num Lock. There is no light signifying it s on, which it randomly turns on for no reason, and once on it turns a third of the keyboard into numbers. Which isn t a big problem it s just very annoying when you are across the room and can t see what you are typing clearly on the screen or you are typing in a password and can t see what you are typing you just get a failed login. Again not horrible just very very annoying.

Overall this is probably the best bet for the money for your HTPC. It will work from across the room, I ve got it about 10 -15 away. It s got both the mouse and the keyboard in one so you don t need to bust out two separate pieces. It s not a weird layout with a joystick or a trackball with mouse buttons on the other side of the keyboard. It s just like any laptop keyboard layout. So if you are just needing something to navigate between your entertainment choices this is your best bet, if you need a typing keyboard you might want to choose something else.

On a random note, the keyboard comes with a USB dongle. I ve got no idea what this dongle does nor can I find any mention of this dongle anywhere in the instructions or quickstart guide. The only mention of the dongle in the entirety of the contents/packaging for this keyboard is one line in the system requirements where it says, "One available USB port for Dongle". That s it. No mention ANYWHERE else. When I plug it in it shows up nowhere as well. I get an installing new device note but that s it. If I turn off bluetooth to try and use the dongle to connect the keyboard I get nothing either. I don t know what it is and it s kind of hurting my brain trying to figure it out.

3 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: Francisco V. on 11/12/2009
I bought this keyboard to use on my Mac Mini / Media Center computer. I was looking for a keyboard that would be small, convenient and that would have a mouse/trackpad built in and give me basic functionality. I can tuck it away between the TV frame and stand so it is not so visible when not in use. You will need to pair it with your Mac and you do ned to use the USB Dongle that comes with it as the built in bluetooth did not seems to recognize the keyboard. Worked fairly well with basic functionality using Mac OS 10.5.8 and subsequently updating it to 10.6.2 a couple of days ago.

When first pairing this device, you need to open your bluetooth preferences and make sure you select the show status on menu bar (so you can tell when your keyboard is paired every time you turn the computer on). Then, select the "Set Up New Device." The Keyboard will be set up as a generic keyboard and most of the functionality will be available. You can find more info about pairing bluetooth devices on the mac if you refer to the help menu. It takes a few seconds after the computer is on for it to recognize the device every time you restart, you just need to be patient. I usually hit the space bar a couple of times until the bluetooth symbol changes status in the menu bar. The track pad is very sensitive to double clicks so you have to be careful when using it to scroll web pages using a double finger gesture. You will get used it eventually.

The keyboard also comes with two AAA batteries and It has a sleep feature to conserve energy. It also has an on off switch on the back but I have noticed that even by turning it off when not in use it seems to need new batteries every month. Zoom functions for universal access settings work well if you are sitting far away from your TV and want to zoom in to read small text. It is a bit pricey but as I said before I was looking for size and convenience more than anything. I am able to use the F12 key to eject disks and you will find that most of the function key commands work with the default settings provided by the OS.

4 of 5 Stars!
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