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670 Watts / 1000 VA UPS

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  • Vendor Part #: SMT1000SMT1000
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APC Smart-UPS 1000 VA Tower UPS is the most popular UPS in the world for servers, storage and networks. Trusted to protect critical data and equipment from power problems by supplying clean and reliable network-grade power. In addition to legendary reliability and manageability, this UPS have extremely high efficiency at low, medium and high load levels making them ideal for today?s multi-core or virtual servers that have varying load consumption.

ManufacturerAmerican Power Conversion Corp
Manufacturer Part NumberSMT1000
Manufacturer Website Addresshttp://www.apc.com
Brand NameAPC
Product LineSmart-UPS
Product NameSmart-UPS 1000 VA Tower UPS
Product TypeLine-interactive UPS
Product UPC731304268659
Technical Information:
Plug/Connector TypeNEMA 5-15P
Receptacles8 x NEMA 5-15R
Power Description:
Load Capacity1000 VA/670 W
Input Voltage110 V AC
Input Voltage Range120 V AC Nominal
82 V AC to 144 V AC Mains Operation
75 V AC to 154 V AC Adjustable Mains Operation
Output Voltage120 V AC Nominal
Frequency50 Hz Input
60 Hz Input
47 to 53 Hz Output
FilteringFull time multi-pole noise filtering : 0.3% IEEE surge let-through : zero clamping response time
Overload Protection

Resettable circuit breakers

Emergency Power OFFOptional
DB-9 RS-232 Serial
Modular Slots1 x SmartSlot
Battery Information:
BatteriesMaintenance Free, Sealed, Spill Proof Lead Acid User-replaceable Hot-swappable
Backup/Run Time0.10 Hour 670 W Full Load
0.34 Hour 335 W Half Load
Battery Recharge Time3 Hour Typical
Physical Characteristics:
Form FactorTower
Dimensions8.50" Height x 6.70" Width x 17.30" Depth
Weight42 lb
Package Contents
  • Smart-UPS 1000 VA Tower UPS
  • CD with Software
  • Smart UPS Signalling RS-232 Cable
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Certifications & Standards
  • cUL
  • UL 1778
  • UL 1449
  • FCC
  • CE
  • C-Tick
  • Green ComplianceYes
    Green Compliance Certificate/AuthorityRoHS
    Standard Warranty3 Year


    Submited By: R. Thompson on 01/26/2010
    I have 5 uninterruptible power supplies, all by APC. I have two of the previous generation of SmartUPS; one is a 1500 VA and the other is a 1000 VA model. Other than the cost of battery replacements, I have been generally satisfied with APC products.

    The new SMT versions of these products is supposed to be a major redesign that offers:
    * Increased intelligence that makes management and monitoring easier
    * Increased efficiency that saves on utility costs
    * Increased control with ability to configure locally or via software and switched receptacle groups
    * Increased resilience with better diagnostic capabilities and improved warranty


    This new version is clearly very different and does appear to represent a total redesign. This is apparent from the time you plug it in for the first time, as the bright and clear blue LCD readout that APC has added lights up and guides you through installation.

    When you first install it you are taken through an extensive menu that allows you to tailor the UPS for your application. However, the unit is still easy to install, as you can t access most of these settings UNTIL you switch over to the advanced menu. This is a good balance, I think, between ease of use and the ability to offer features for advanced users. Good call, APC!

    Why is a mere display important? Well, it gives you accurate and up-to-date info regarding both incoming and outgoing power quality, the power consumption of the devices you have plugged in, how long the unit will power those devices, the efficiency of the unit, the battery state of charge, the battery replacement date -- and more.


    Why do I only give it four stars, instead of five? Well, in improving the unit APC decided to install a cooling fan. Though this is probably a good idea that will extend the life of the unit AND its batteries, it is not particularly quiet. I have a MacPro with the quad-core processor, an optional video card and four 1TB drives. The APC UPS is FAR louder than my computer even though it s placed further away. You do NOT want one of these sitting on or near your desk.

    There are a couple of obvious solutions to this problem. First, APC needs to install a better fan that will move air more quietly. Second, the device is smart and cycles the fan based on load. If I add a second unit and split my overall load between two UPS units, the load will be halved and the fan will run less often. That is an expensive and unnecessary expense, since all of my items together only take the UPS to 85% of its rated capacity.

    However, the real culprit here is that the cooling fan appears to be a single-speed unit. This is a significant mistake by APC, as a variable speed fan would allow the fan to run unnoticed, at lower speeds, instead of switching on and off at a high (read: excessively noisy) setting. So, instead of charging [...] more for a unit with a proper fan, APC has produced a superb unit with one very serious design flaw.

    FINAL OPINION: Despite a great overall design, this unit is ONLY recommended if you can deal with the noise problem!


    New Smart-UPS Models with LCD Interface: Frequently Asked Questions

    In November 2009 new Smart-UPS models were introduced in North America. New Smart-UPS models are identified by there intuitive LCD interface (shown above). These models also have part numbers that start in the prefixes "SMX" and "SMT" and are distinguished by having an advanced feature set.

    What are the new part (or SKU) numbers?
    There are two (2) series of new Smart-UPS models; standard and extended run. The standard models start with the prefix `SMT while the extended run models start with `SMX . The new models in our initial release include the following:

    Existing >> New Model
    SUA750 >> SMT750
    SUA1000 >> SMT1000
    SUA1500 >> SMT1500
    SUA2200 >> SMT2200
    SUA3000 >> SMT3000
    SUA750XL >> SMX750
    SUA1000XL >> SMX1000
    SU1400RMXLB3U >>SMX1500RM2UNC

    What are some of the key benefits of the new design over the old?
    There are many new features and benefits to the new Smart-UPS but the key ones to remember are:
    * Increased intelligence that makes management and monitoring easier
    * Increased efficiency that saves on utility costs
    * Increased control with ability to configure locally or via software and switched receptacle groups
    * Increased resilience with better diagnostic capabilities and improved warranty

    How does the `green operating mode increase efficiency?
    APC s patent pending `green mode bypass components that perform automatic voltage regulation (AVR) when not needed. AVR is typically handled in the line interactive design by solid state transformers. These transformers, while extremely reliable, do have some energy loss to remain energized. By using these transformers only when needed results in higher efficiencies across a wide range of load conditions.

    Do I sacrifice any protection by operating in `green mode?
    Absolutely no power protection is sacrificed in `green mode. In this mode the UPS is providing surge and noise filtering and can react to any change in power that requires voltage regulation or inverter operation in a matter of milliseconds.

    What is the typical energy savings with `green mode?
    When compared to APC s very efficient existing line interactive models, the increase in efficiency ranges from 1-4%. For an average 1500VA UPS this may save $25-30 per year in utility costs.

    Where is the sensitivity switch and site wiring fault light?
    These features are now incorporated into the LCD front panel. If a site wiring fault is detected this message will be clearly displayed on the unit s display. Sensitivity can also be set and viewed directly through the display.

    How has battery management been improved in the new models?
    The battery management has been enhanced in several ways. First, the charging circuit has intermittent, temperature controlled charging capability that ensures that the proper amount of charge is applied to the battery at all times. With the high efficiency `green mode the UPS runs cooler resulting in less degradation of the battery. In addition, the UPS can now proactively project a battery replacement date based on UPS s environment.

    How is the replace battery date determined and does it replace the bad battery LED?
    The battery replace date is determined by using battery manufacturer s data for typical battery life under different environmental conditions. The UPS actively monitors these conditions to dynamically project a suggested date when the battery should be replaced to maintain optimal performance. It does not replace the bad battery LED but rather augments that information.


    4 of 5 Stars!
    Submited By: Eric J. on 02/13/2010
    I ve just received this product, so this is a preliminary review. I purchased it because it generates a true sine wave output. My computer s power supply won t tolerate anything less. I ve used probably 7 or 8 APC products over the years, and they ve been very reliable. As the earlier reviewer said, this is a redesign of the SUA1000, and it s only been sold for the past few months. The only issue I have with the product so far is that the fan is constantly running -- even when no load is present. And, as the other reviewer noted, the fan is fairly loud. I ve written to APC Technical Support because the constant running of the fan doesn t seem to be normal behavior. The fan runs constantly for about 5 minutes, then stops for a few seconds, and then resumes again. This occurs with a fully charged backup battery, running on AC, with no load plugged in and at normal room temperature. The only time I can get the fan to turn off is after I run a self-test. But after about 10 or 15 minutes, the fan begins to run constantly again with those very brief pauses. I ll have to see what the support people say.

    2/15/2010 UPDATE TO REVIEW:

    APC Technical Support informs me that the fan behavior I described above is completely normal. If you purchase this product, be prepared for a very loud fan that constantly cycles on and off (five minutes on and five seconds off) even with no load plugged in. When I asked whether it made more sense to have the fan run continuously without the brief pauses to minimize cycling of the fan motor, I didn t receive a response. I have no idea what purpose the brief pauses in the fan operation serve except to remind me how much I miss a quiet UPS. I was told that it would be possible for APC to release a firmware update to modify the fan parameters if enough people complained about the noise, but no firmware update is currently planned so I wouldn t count on it.

    3 of 5 Stars!
    Submited By: Justin Hall on 03/21/2010
    I bought this UPS because my PC (dell xps 9000) requires a sine waveform instead of a "simulated sine wave" type of UPS. I tested the SMT1000 and it works as it is supposed to - keeping my PC up in a power outage when the less expensive UPS models could not.
    The BIG downside is that the unit is really loud. Basically my choice is to have a noisy UPS protected system or a quiet unprotected system. Obviously I am keeping the unit but it really is unbelievably loud.
    I have my computer in my bedroom and it s so annoying. I thought I could just turn off the unit but even with the unit OFF the fan still runs - no joke. Only if you completely unplug the unit and turn it off (so it doesn t run on it s battery) will the fan finally stop.
    Just to give you an approximate idea of how noisy it is - it s almost as loud as a midsize laser printer is when it s printing something - not as loud but just about.
    As long as your computer is in a room where you don t sleep you can probably deal with it but if you can use the Back-UPS 1500 LCD, which is made for desktops and is really quiet, I d stick with those models. If you need a real sine waveform however, there s not much you can do.

    4 of 5 Stars!
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    4 stars, based on 5

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